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Triton Stormwater Chambers

The Triton Retention System is designed to capture stormwater run-off, slowly releasing it into the environment helping to eliminate "first-flush" flooding. Triton's reinforced soy resin construction is stronger than conventional chambers and can achieve up to 21 LEED credits. The Triton Stormwater System has been certified as a carbon neutral product that reduces green house gases during the manufacturing process.

Triton's chambers are significantly lighter, up to 46% larger in capacity and much stronger than conventional chambers or large diameter pipe. Their light-weight (only 32 lbs. a piece ) design allows for faster installation and fewer man-hours per cubic foot. They can be double stacked and installed with up to 50 feet of cover. The Triton system is easy to maintain because sediment is captured in the main header row. Routine cleaning can generally be confined to this single row of chambers and accomplished with a standard vacuum truck.

When your project calls for a world-class stormwater management solution, rely on Triton- the next generation of underground stormwater management. Triton gives you the "Power Over Water".

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