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JMD Company is now offering an alternative to the marine grade plywood baffle systems which are installed in temporary retention basins to slow the flow of sediment laden water. The baffle systems which have been used in the past require 4" x 4" treated posts and 3/4" thick water resistant plywood. Theses systems are extremely labor intensive and require materials which are expensive and hard to find.

The JMD system uses 6' or 7' high 11 gauge galvanized mesh with 2-1/4" openings. Galvanized post that measure 2-1/2" dia. are provided in 8' or 10' lengths. A heavyduty reinforced PVC vinyl is attached to the chain-link mesh using nylon zip ties on the top and bottom to form an impervious baffle system.

JMD can also provide crews for custom on-site installation.


  • Installs in less than a fourth of the time of conventional baffle systems.
  • No need for power tools, nails, screws, post hole digger, etc.
  • Strong galvanized steel construction.
  • Easy removal.

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