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North American Green turf reinforcement mats (TRMs) offer numerous advantages over conventional TRMs and have been proven to be more cost-effective. The cost of TRM reinforced vegetation is less than one-third the installed cost of rock or concrete and requires no heavy equipment.

North American Green's TRMs are surface- applied and require no costly soil-infilling. They help create a microenvironment which protects the seed bed, assists with germination and provide turf reinforcement to optimize vegetation. The UV-stabilized, synthetic-matting structure maintains its strength and integrity even under long-term exposure to sunlight.

For high-load and severe erosion applications, the North American Green ® P500 Turf/Earth Reinforcement Mat (TERM) is designed to offer veneer stabilization and high tensile strength for increased durability in high-impact conditions. The combination of high strength geogrids, heavy UV stabilized nets and a permanent polypropylene fiber matrix allow for surface vegetation without soil infilling. Unlike some woven monofiliament TRMs, the stiched matrix does not impede vegetation growth.

When combined with Tensar's North American Green ® Earch Anchors (EA), the P500 TERM forms a flexible armoring system that controls erosion, reinforces vegetation and stabilizes earth in the most extreme conditions.


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