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American Excelsior Recyclex TRM and TRM-V turf reinforcement mats are manufactured from 100% recycled green and brown plastic bottles. There are over 20 bottles in every pound of Recyclex. Not only is Recyclex a green, environmentally responsible product, it is designed to meet your most difficult erosion control challenges.

American Excelsior Recyclex TRM-V was engineered to provide a solution for low to medium flow channels and slopes that require permanent vegetation reinforcement.

American Excelsior TRMs are surface-applied and require no costly soil-infilling. They help create a microenvironment which protects the seed bed, assists with germination, and provides turf reinforcement to optimize vegetation. Recyclex crimped fibers have a specific gravity of greater than one, meaning the matrix will not float in a hydraulic event. The UV-stabilized, synthetic-matting structure maintains its strength and integrity even under long-term exposure to sunlight.

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