October 27, 2021


JMD Abrasion Guard


was developed to protect your underground hydraulic hoses and utility wiring.


JMD Abrasion Guard


is extruded of high-density polymer, by a patented process, to ensure maximum abrasion resistance. It utilizes a rigid PVC spiral helix to resist impact and crush.


JMD Abrasion Guard


is MSHA accepted for underground use as a flame-resistant outer jacket for the protection of hoses and utility cables.


JMD Abrasion Guard


is available in a wide variety of standard sizes. Custom diameters, colors, and lengths can be manufactured to your specifications.


  • Formulated for maximum flexibility at cold temperatures
  • Resists oil and acidic conditions
  • Clear coating for easy visual inspection
  • Coils slit lengthwise for easy installation
  • Self-extinguishing and flame-resistant
  • MSHA approved for underground use


  • 1" Dia. x 100 ft. Coils
  • 2" Dia. x 50 ft. Coils
  • 2.5" Dia. x 50 ft. Coils
  • 3" Dia. x 50 ft. Coils
  • 4" Dia. x 50 ft. Coils


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